Friday April 19th 2019


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3 Comments for “Help-My-iPhone”

  • gemlyte says:

    The Iphone is almost more important to me than a laptop

  • Cary says:

    I need help downloading pictures from my Iphone 3 to my computer. I now have an Iphone 4 but all my pictures are on my 3 and I can’t get them to my computer.

  • Don Lekei says:

    Hi Cary,
    Your pictures are not synced via iTunes, you need to import them as a camera.

    When the iPhone connects to a computer (PC or Mac) it appears as a two devices, an iPhone (to iTunes and tethering) and as a camera.

    On a PC, you need to download them using Photo Gallery or Camera Import, on a Mac using iPhoto or Aperature.

    You can transfer photos TO an iphone from a select folder on your PC using iTunes.

    If you are moving from one phone to a new one, you can transfer the pictures by using the backup and restore, but making an OS leap can cause problems so I usually recommend wiping it out and doing a fresh install.

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